Can you believe the pastimes runway predicted the biggest Spring/Summer trends of 2017? The looks chosen have been “replicated” into time touching on a little vintage. Who says that suits need to be such an eye roll. Let’s take the past to the present. To create a report you are going to have to take a look at the history, following the images below.

  1. The Princeton Orange “ Suit” ( Mugler)

Coming out of the gates with a bang, you can officially name yourself maverick. With sunlight yellow beam tones throughout the full suit, the white high turtleneck peaks with the slightly platformed shoe. Elvis Presley would be proud. These two colors compliment each other so effortlessly, you don’t even put thought into any other accessory. If the pantsuit, is a little uncomfortable for taste, switch for a medium denim. Black would bring you straight to October.

  1. Mr. Marine ( Roberto Cavalli)

The title of this look, speaks for itself. Sometimes it’s hard to believe clashing two vibrant colors ending with an off-tone shoe.

Touching back on the hits of orange, you can really try any similar palette making this suit randomly multifaceted. I would recommend this suit more form fitting then displayed on the model. It can look slightly unappealing, making any lining more noticeable, as well an automatically failed achievement. For a casual spin, a dress runner could be an option without the shininess. Again, a denim could go well if the pantsuit is too much or replacing the suit jacket for a white turtle neck. 

  1. Smoked Gunmetal - Versace

Hands down my favorite look out of these 4. You are combining all style techniques with the contrast button on the lowest scale.

Overcoats are mostly all very classic paired with a suit. I am obsessed with the way Versace took the risk into a flashy raincoat. None of these looks I have chosen is a lower neck collar. Reasoning, relieving the sweater bulkiness for more of a rebel sauce formula. Hints of rock n roll, 2017’s runway has been full badass and seeping away into the neutral swamp.

  1. The Jade Army

 Smart and Classic. The low setting green is easy for a range of gentlemen to pull off. If plausible alter with a black velvet lining. It will create more of a focus on the V trimming, and not wash out a darker colored dress shirt. As in example a bathypelagic zone blue making a great transition from winter to spring.



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