Living in the big city or a small town, you are bound to unlocking a group work text or an email reading you have a certain event to attend. In quick preparation for dress code, I predict what may be thrown at you at a moments notice of 24 hours. The best idea is to cover all bases so your boss doesn’t pitch you a fastball.


  1. The little UK a little more rock n roll.

 You can pick up just about any magazine and see Mick Jagger’s style ralph on just about any cover. The rock star vibe does not need a “stage” to showcase your inner, long live rock n roll syndrome. A deep purple goes a long way, with a wing tip shoe ready to slide into a little jazz. Multiple celebrities are taking the risk to go a little farther out then just the regular modernized cowboy boot. Because there isn’t a vast amount of layers, this outfit is easy to slide in your bag when going from plane to event.

If you are not entirely sure what to expect, this is a happy medium without the embarrassment. 


  1. The office still follows

 Now sporting events are can be hard to tackle ( pun intended) when you don’t want to feel obligated to wear a suit or an outfit that is constricting. Especially through a 2-hour game. I have seen so many gentlemen on company outings and look extremely uncomfortable trying to impress their colleagues. Joggers were on the A list in 2016 and should tag along to this year. Black joggers can be mistaken for a dark dress pant, which you are trying to stay away from formal habits. Shoe runners are ideal to downplay a dress shirt, though a cut straight high collar still throws professional into the ring. Don’t forget a mail bag to bring along with you, if you want to pick up some work later after the game.


  1. Board-Meetings

 You get the page, and off to a mandatory board meeting. The weather isn’t calling for a suit jacket but you don’t want to give a negative / nonchalant impression Tucked in, secured with a body hugging belt and you are ready. The off-white beige is just so aesthetically pleasing with a sharp pencil shoe. With a smart watch and a sleek rich laptop case, securing the deal is a written trait.


  1. The Award Ceremonies

 Hello, velvet bond. Can I say dapper? Either you are walking the red carpet or an end of the year award ceremonies there is no doubt you will make a statement. Most men slide into picking out a dress shoe. Going with a “slipper” to match the velvet tuxedo blazer has been a European trick for years. The piper shirt is for intense inspection matched with a velvet black bowtie. At most movie or art award shows, you see most


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