Self-awareness is a key part of being a gentleman.

So you know what bad habits you might have. Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you bite your nails. Who knows? Whatever it is, there are ways in which you can develop new habits (and eliminate bad ones).  According to the experts, it takes roughly 21 days to form a new habit pattern. So this includes such tasks as heading to the gym each morning before work, getting up earlier, planning every day in advance, and such.

These are all habits that can be quite easily developed through simple practice and repetition. Once you’ve undertaken the new habit for 21 days, it will become the norm and be something you do each day without even thinking about it. Whatever they are: work on them.

Think also about good habits you’d like to develop. Here’s a list of some possible new habits:

1. Make a decision. Decide that you want to make a change in your life and adopt a new habit. A gentleman doesn’t defer: he does.
2. No exceptions to your new habit pattern during the early formative stages. No excuses. No reasons why not. Do it every day for 21 days.                                              
3. Tell others such as friends and co-workers that you are going to begin practicing a particular habit. Just think how much more motivation you have now in not giving others the pleasure of seeing you fail.                                                                                             4. Visualize yourself performing the new behavior in a given situation. The more often you visualize yourself acting this way, the more rapidly it will be accepted by your subconscious and become automatic.                                                                                  5. Create an affirmation that you say over and over to yourself. Want to remember to make a priority list each morning — tell yourself to do it the night before.                           6. Resolve to persist in the new behavior until it is so automatic and that it now seems odd not to do it.                                                                                                                     7. Reward yourself for practicing in the new behavior. It can be small — a bite of your favorite chocolate — a moment to relax and check up on your favorite sports team — nothing works better than positive reinforcement.


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