The classic white oxford shirt suits every occasion.

It can be worn with your suit for formal situations or dressed down with a pair of jeans or khaki chinos. A gentleman’s wardrobe is all about classic versatility and nothing is more classic or versatile than this item. In general think of white and blue oxfords as building blocks that will provide the backbone to a good-looking wardrobe. Trivia: these two colors make up approximately 90% of the dress shirts sold and the reason is that either color looks good on most complexions and body types. There’s certainly nothing wrong with patterns and some bolder colors for when you need to make a statement; all we’re saying is you should have the basic core colors hanging in your closet — that way you’ll never be short of something great to wear in any situation.

The oxford also looks good in pink. You could argue that there is a statement to be made when a gentleman wears pink. You’re stepping away from the stereotype that pink is for girls and blue is for boys, and it shows an individual streak in your personality. But — put a pink oxford on with some dark jeans and throw on a black herringbone blazer to complete the outfit. It just looks good. The history of this jacket date back to the 1800s, when they began to be worn by rowing clubs at Cambridge and Oxford University. But the name is commonly believed to be derived from the British Royal Navy warship HMS Blazer, whose crew members began sporting the style as part of their uniforms in 1837.

While the blazer was for a long time regarded to be a vital component of the preppy look today it can be worn by any gentleman — you don’t have to be a Harvard or Yale alumni. A gentleman requires more than just jeans and chinos in his range, trouser-wise. The answer: the gray wool trousers — for when you want to dress up, but don’t quite require a suit. Perhaps even more than the navy blazer, gray pants should be a staple of the well-dressed gentleman. Almost every blazer will fit with gray pants — and if it doesn’t then you should seriously reconsider the blazer. They’re the serious looking pants you’ll turn to for many occasions. Don’t go for anything too dark as you’ll run into pairing problems; a light or mid gray goes with anything. Nothing says classic men’s fashion quite as much as the navy blazer. It’s season-less, timeless and as versatile as it comes. Unexpected meeting?

Impromptu date? It’s meaningless what else you’re wearing — nothing makes you put together quicker than this fashion item. Navy goes with everything too. Black shoes and belt? Yep. Alternatively brown shoes and belt? It matches everything.

The gentleman requires cool in his closet.

For wearing the attire in hot weather and the Polo Shirt while casual, is still JFK smart. The history of the shirt is one of evolution. French seven-time tennis champion unhappy with the traditional “tennis whites” designed a white, short-sleeved button-up shirt that we would recognize today as sporting the basic characteristics of the classic polo. It soon became popular in other leisure activities, including polo, but it was only in the 1970s when fashion designer Ralph Lauren made it a staple of his men’s collection, labeling it the “polo shirt” that the name finally stuck.

Today the polo’s a fashion classic and every gentleman should have at least summer party or be hanging out at the beach. Wear with shorts of chinos. While you need a good overcoat for the winter, the benefit of a trench coat is that it takes you through spring to fall and back again. Perhaps no garment is as romanticized as the trench coat; developed (coincidently) for the trenches of the Great War, it has remained almost unchanged for over a century ago. Get it in traditional khaki or basic black.

Having a range of styles can complement any wardrobe. Crew and V-neck,  but if you are in a creative industry, why not go for a Steve McQueen cool of a black turtleneck sweater?

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