Everything you do tells a story of who you are.

A gentleman desires to tell a positive and engaging story, a story that will gain the interest of many readers who will want to know more. How you dress introduces you and tells a part of your story before you even open your mouth. Crisp, clean, stylish but not too flashy, clothing that fits makes people want to listen — and more importantly take you seriously.

With wardrobe, along with everything else we’re not suggesting you completely change your look and dress in a way which doesn’t suit your lifestyle. More than anything else clothing has to be functional and make you feel comfortable wearing it. Just say no and wear classic dark-blue Levis (or Wrangler, or such) which not only never go out of fashion (these were invented in the days of the California gold rush) but they also look great with almost anything. Stick to classic men’s fashion items — nothing too crazy or edgy. Before buying that knee-length yellow cardigan, ask yourself — would Cary Grant wear this? If the answer’s no — then you also need to say no. Classic items such as a well-cut suit will look good on anyone. Focus on basic earth tone colors, blacks, blues, grays, and browns. A gentleman can wear almost any color, but use it as a highlight to your outfit, i.e. a red tie with your suit, or a pink oxford with basic Levis.

Here’s a (by no means exhaustive) list of a few key wardrobe items a gentleman should always have at his disposal. Wear flattering clothes that suit your body type. Some clothes will naturally look better on you than others. Find your own style that reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle. Don’t buy clothes you think you should unless they actuallyJ fit who you are. If you’re working as a real estate agent or as a tradesman makes a difference to what is practical to your everyday work wear, but dressing well applies to everyone — and it will make a difference to how clients and colleagues perceive you.

Great style (is not just to go out in). A gentleman knows to look good, no matter what the situation — if he’s going hiking or delivering a keynote speech. Have a wardrobe that reflects your needs, and wear appropriate items for appropriate activities. A gentleman won’t wear a suit for horse riding, but he also won’t wear running shoes unless he’s actually going running.  Another hint doesn't follow niche fashion trends. Buying a lot of high-end fashion items will leave you out of pocket and with a bunch of clothes which are no longer “cool” six months later. This kind of fashion only exists to make money for the fashion industry and buying into it won’t provide you with a wardrobe of useful go-to items. A good example is various kind of acid-washed, distressed, designer jeans which go in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye. You’re better to just face it — no matter what job you do, you’ll need a

suit at some point in life. When you need it you don’t want to be rushing around trying to find one and grabbing just anything. No suit is better than a suit that doesn’t fit properly. The best option for the modern gentleman is to have one tailored to fit, but if your budget doesn’t stretch this far there are options. When you’re buying an off the rack suit you can have small adjustments made. Many stores can arrange this for you or you can find a professional to do so.

The other option is to simply shop around and try on different brands. You will almost certainly find styles and sizes that will fit you better than others. Take some time about it.

Stick to a classic single-breasted, two-button suit in black or gray if you won’t be wearing it too often — that guarantees it will never go out of style. If you wear suits regularly for work then the world is your oyster: look for a variety of styles and colors — gray, brown, black, navy, pinstripe, just nothing too left the field.

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