A librarian's enthusiast, stacking piece after piece in different terms writing your style story.

Who says that you need human arm candy to sweeten each tooth. There are 2 men that stand in night and day, that we did not want to miss. They are a Nibello sailor and a sports gentleman on the run.

 With a continuous sighting at New York Fashion Week ss17 of Gold embellishments and color pattern, I took the same theory and applied it to specifically stacking. This is a statement piece on its own, but leaving room for slight neck jewelry. You can reverse each bracelet after the Nibello Gold & White Watch edition to your certain taste. The Mister grand bead bracelet ties in as a finishing piece, giving an extension. To add, pair this look with a simple turtleneck and dress pant. Either a shawl cardigan sweater or a blazer is light but versatile to spring weather. Both looks can introduce themselves as casual or front row ready. This leaving you with nothing too shiny at the outfit headquarters, the cameras will follow at a no question lead.

 Very Italian of you.

 You don’t have to leave your matte black Camaro outside when you continue with the mechanical bling on your wrist. Around the clock, this stack is a little needier, I have you know. To style, you can speed date with sweat-wicking microfibers or a wind breaking jacket if gym day is in the rotation. Pull down that high-tech footwear you have been dying to wear. This combo is your water, leaving no thirst for more. Last minute dinner meeting to attend? Be a little Justin Timberlake with your suit and tie, the informal bling does not apologize, for being so versatile. If your flow is not perfectly blowing in the wind, falling a little flat. Attempt to on the Levine Hat 9th Street Boxer Porkpie Wool Fedora, treated for water-resistance and stain repellency. Play up your collars date, with a recommended Gray Ombre found on Gentlemen’s Bay shop.

 Complementing the brush technique, of grays, whites, and blacks. Ending with a triangle shape for precise lining, you are wickedly charming.

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