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There is only one statement slice, that can make conversation with the fashion concrete jungle.

Where eyes, instantly roam to when finessing the streets, and pulling an outfit by the dolls strings, mimicking what is on the inside. Leave your shoes to do all the talking, don’t be scared into only pulling off the noir, and blanc dyes. You are in a trance, no need to lose focus, we are your hypnotist and keep following our direction with these two cents worth.

The ivy league of yacht shoes, sails in from the United Kingdom melting into the café au lait chinos. The royals are flushed in blue, keeping calm with the neutral tones and light indigo/sable specs. With spring flair and an Italian leather loafer, the versatility is open for precipitation. Keeping a swayable mind, switching the trousers for a starless look.

Where ever your jet may land, you are always 12 o’clock power brunch ready. With no room to challenge the blonde espresso dress shoe, you can never be over complementing these shades. The “sojourn” polo hat tips you into a persuasive deal. Brownie points if your bottom cuffs are rolled up, for a slight wink.

If this isn’t far from the pack, I don’t know what is. With a step outside of your scenic condo, meets the man ready for an impressive freethinker handshake. Taking on the role as a backdrop, your new signature Chelsea Boot interlocks the eye on a two-way street to the original red Bandana tie. Think of it as an old black and white film, with a color glitch.

With a 3 layered tier of outfits, you are a triple threat. Used as a capsule to switch pieces creating a whole new outfit, matching with a choice of accessories. There is not one card you can’t match.

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