gentleman has great positive relationships with co-workers, clients, family, partners, even the barber and shop owner down the street. Everyone is worth knowing and getting along with. He spends time with his family. A gentleman isn’t the guy who just opens the door for and seats at a table a woman that he is interested in. That is a cad. A gentleman is respectful to everyone. You don’t want your actions to come across as someone trying to impress, rather that they are a reflection of who you are inside.

Don’t be “too busy” for people in your life. Go out of your way to surprise people (in good ways, flowers, trips, dinner). These are small gestures, but they speak volumes about who you are.

Honest- With a romantic partner a gentleman is open and honest about his needs and motivations. He doesn’t need to play dating games when it comes to romance. He won’t pretend to not like a lady so she will like him more, or wait the prescribed amount of days to call again. A gentleman knows who he wants to be with and isn’t afraid to express that to her.

A gentleman is reliable and trustworthy, with ladies and in his relationships with others. If he says he’ll be there — then he will. He won’t be late. He’ll be on time.


Of course, he’s emotionally supportive, but also supports the goals and dreams of his partner. A gentleman desires to be all he can be, and also wants to see the best in those around him. While he wants his partner to succeed in their own way, he’ll also be asking himself, are there ways I can help? It could be in small ways. Maybe she wants to grow a start-up business and needs to take some evening marketing classes. The gentleman will have dinner prepared when she comes home. A gentleman wants to succeed in life and to celebrate the success of the loved ones around him.


Knowing the importance of words, a gentleman won’t use words he doesn’t mean. When and if he tells someone he loves them, then you can be sure he means it. A gentleman is connected to his own feelings and is able to share them. He’s not afraid of commitment, nor does he rush into it. He’s rational about life and thinks things through.


Life is full of ups and downs. A gentleman doesn’t run away when things get tough — he supports his partner and works with her on the relationship and if things don’t work out a gentleman would end a relationship in person, not in text or email.

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