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Win/lose? Doesn’t matter. Shake hands with opponents.

Move on. Don’t make derogatory remarks. Respect other players, spectators, and coaches. Treat them as you would guests in your own home. Learn the rules, so you’re not breaking them.

You don’t always need external competition. Compete with the clock. There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment of beating your personal best on a regular run, swim, or cycling ride. The gym provides the same: an activity where you’ll notice the benefit of working out over time as both your strength increases and your body becomes fitter. Sport also reduces stress and releases endorphins making you feel happier and more positive. Try an experiment: go for a morning run before work and see how this effects your mood and efficiency in the office. (Just make sure you shower).

As with every other aspect of your life: look your best. Many sports need specific outfits for practical reasons — certainly appropriate shoes — but if you’re going to be doing a sport regularly its best to get the right gear. You might just be going out for a morning run, but don’t just throw on that old faded surf T-shirt. There is plenty of light, breathable sports clothing available that make you look good and feel great. If you’re going running — look like you’re a runner. A good looking running-specific shirt will also offer a high range of movement in the arms. The right sports clothes are also made from airy fabrics which keep you dry and free from chafing while you train.

“I have always struggled to achieve excellence. One thing that cycling has taught me is that

if you can achieve something without a struggle it’s not going to be satisfying.” — Greg LeMond

Sports clothes can tend to be a bit garish. In some cases this has a practical use. If you’re a cyclist then some fluro yellow or orange riding tops can make sense for safety on the road. While fluro is not recommended for a dinner party, here it’s perfectly acceptable. Also not a bad idea for the runner crossing busy city streets. The rule of thumb though is try to just wear one color. If you’re wearing a bright top, wear some black pants and try to keep shoes a bit of a neutral color.

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