April 10, 2017


Men have always carried bags around. Duffel bags, sports bags, saddle bags — bags are pretty useful. Bags can often make a fashion statement too. Although women (often do) have more things to carry around in their bag, it’s not uncommon for a guy to want a few little essentials: a bottle of water, a magazine for the train, a tablet, a phone… well you get the picture.

The alternative is to just carry as little as possible around. No water. Just a small phone. Well you don’t need to go without — but don’t just take any old bag — find something that’s going to suit your outfits.

Here’s a few thoughts for selecting the perfect bag

  • It should be big enough to fit things in. Well, to fit your tablet, laptop (whatever it is you want to carry around each day). A rule of thumb is it should be big enough to fit your laptop without it looking like a laptop bag.
  • It needs to be tough. Men aren’t always as careful as girls. It might get thrown on the ground. Into sand on the beach. Tossed onto the grass by the football field. It doesn’t need to be navy seal tough – but just a good robust solid bag.
  • Manly. Yes, who not? You don’t want something that looks like a handbag you borrowed from your girlfriend. You are a man and your bag needs to reflect that. But, having said that, it needs to be also stylish.
  • Keep in mind what purpose you’ll actually be using it for — for trips around town, to university, for work — you’re not using it for traveling.
  • Think about your clothes as well. What will you be wearing it with? What’s your style? A bag should like any fashion accessory compliment your own wardrobe but also add a little edge to your look.
  • Consider how much you’ll be carrying around how much. Take into consideration the size/weight of your bag, and also the size/width of the strap (wider will be less burdensome on your shoulder muscles if you’re carrying around a bit during the day).
  • Is waterproof (unless you’re living somewhere it never rains!) If you do a bit of walking in autumn or winter get a waterproof bag, especially if you tend to carry expensive electronics like your iphone with you.

Here’s a few great examples:



Briefcases are in all likelihood the oldest form of conventional handbag for the working man. There’s been a little bit of evolution since the days of your dad’s boxy-shaped sharp-edged briefcase. Modern-day briefcases, however, have evolved a great deal since the days of your father’s sharp-cornered case. What they have retained is the classic rectangle shape, buckles, leather exterior, with more contoured corners, and practical interior compartments. It’s a bag that’s a practical classic addition to any working-man’s business attire.



Rather aptly named, the messenger bag is styled after the bags traditionally used by… well messengers of course. Messenger bags are often made from canvas popular with anyone from students to urban hipsters. Also available in leather the messenger bag is now a classic laid-back style icon.


Inspired by the classic duffel bag, the modern carry-all bag design features a mainly leather exterior and more refined appearance attribute than its school-yard ancestor. Great as a simple hold-all for those weekends away or for short-duration business trips. Looks great with casual weekend wear or business attire.



The vertical messenger bag is really just what its name suggests A squarer version of the messenger bag. It’s the closest thing for a man to a handbag he can get away with and is great for carrying a few essential about town items.  For a simple style with a whole lot of function it works great with casual wear



The term “tote” means simply to carry and has been around as a women’s bag for over a 100 years. The modern men’s version resembles a soft leather version of the artisan’s bag. In a chocolate brown or black, this bag adds a touch of laid-back masculinity to any business-casual dress.


A newsboy bag was actually used first (rather obviously) by newspaper boys (and girls) to store their newspapers in on delivery routes, but has evolved through time to a casual bag used by men and women to complete their casual look. Often made from canvas, this bag style is a great addition for the student (or worker) on the go, as it has all the versatility of a knapsack while making a much greater fashion statement.