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It’s pretty common today to hear that bracelets are unmanly. But if you’re familiar with history you’ll know men have worn bracelets for centuries. What about warriors like King Arthur, William Wallace or Gilgamesh. They were not only handy with a sword, but they also wore bracelets on their wrists.

There were many different purposes and reasons. Prehistoric man wore bones and shells on their wrists to ward off evil spirits, while in later centuries wealthy men wore bracelets as a sign of power and status. Today bracelets are less for good luck or status, and more a great accessory to make a fashion statement about who you are.

To me, I think that a bare wrist is like a girl with no make-up. Yes, you can get by without one, especially if you are looking good anyway, but think of the bracelet as an extra opportunity to say a little something about who you are and fully define your personal style.

Never worse a bracelet before? Uncertain where to start? Accessories are little hints of your personality — so you want to be sure you’re saying the right thing. What should your bracelet be made of? Think manly natural materials: leather and steel.


Add a little (but not too much) rebel to your look with a leather bracelet. It’s probably the most comfortable type to add as well since men are pretty used to wearing leather on their wrists in the form of watch straps anyway. You can take a tentative first step into the world of men’s jeweler without straying too far from your comfort zone.

A leather bracelet has an air of masculinity. Leather’s a versatile substance too and you’ll see a wide range of options available — so there’s sure to be a style to fit your personality. Leather as a material can also appear formal or informal, some bracelets are refined and narrow, others chunky and roughish. Doesn’t matter if you’re Gordon Gekko or Jack Sparrow — a leather bracelet will match your lifestyle. A black or dark brown leather bracelet could fit with a tailored suit, while a wide light brown leather bracelet could be worn with T-shirt and jeans for a little rock ‘n roll rebellion.


Wearing a hunk of metal on your wrist makes a statement. There’s a masculine military element to a mental bracelet. There are all different kinds. Be careful. You want to go beyond looking like you’re wearing a medical bracelet, but not so far as you’re wearing handcuffs. If you’re in a conservative corporate office, play it safe and realize smaller is better.

Metal bracelets popularity dates back to the gold age of film with idols such as Marlon Brando and James Dean donning them in rebellious poses. Today they’re becoming popular again with many young celebs like Michael Fassbender, or Liam Hemsworth sporting them to events and photo shoots.

Some metal bracelets can appear a bit chunky to warn off the feminine connation (you don’t want it to look like a bangle). These kind you want to wear on your free (non-watch hand) and don’t wear them with other bracelets. As with everything less can be more — choose something you love that says something about your personal style and wear it with confidence.


  • Which wrist should you wear the bracelet? There’s no definite rule but generally you’d wear them on the opposite hand to your watch. It avoids excess clutter and possible scratching to your watch.
  • Can you wear multiple bracelets? Yes. While you might start off just wearing one bracelet, you can certainly mix and match. Always counterbalance dark colored clothes with lighter colored bracelets. Don’t wear too many made of the same material — complement a metal bracelet with a leather one.
  • Can a bracelet be formal or informal? Yes. Also combinations of the same. If you’re heading out for a date or to the theatre two or three bracelets with a jacket and jeans works fine. If you’re off for a corporate meeting then maybe one conservative bracelet is more appropriate.

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